A Casa de Encosturas

A life story … HAPPY!

After having fulfilled a great life by working as a nurse and a systems analyst, we bought this house, which was meant for our vacations. However, as soon as we had started living here we began using it permanently. By realizing its special features, we became very quickly attracted to the idea of developing an activity over here, due to the fact that there were fruits and enough rich land to plant new fruit trees and aromatic herbs. It was then the proper moment for us, in the way that at that time of our lives we had the precious time to createinnovate and develop!

So, in 2007 we have started producing the first jams and liqueurs to present and sell at a famous handicraft fair in Vila do Conde. At the beginning, we got unexpectedly and happily surprised with the positive impact our products had next to the buyers. Nowadays, 4 years after, we have are sure we seduced permanently our clients as, when there is a new fair in which we participate, they always come to us and bring, most of the times, their friends to meet both us and our products. 

We are aware this is the right trend to follow. However, we also know that we are still far away from what we really want to accomplish with this project. By our side, helping us fulfilling this ambition, there are our daughter Cláudia, our son Hugo, as well as Mónica and our granddaughter Bia, who is an inspiration, thus not allowing us to give up. This is truly a family business that will certainly succeed because of the love and dedication implied. We have future projects, among which the main goal is to expand our business into international markets. We are sure we will make it! This is our daily challenge!

Thank you all!

Best regards,

Maria & António Vaz Maia

Cabeceiras de Basto, 12th of October, 2011